Stand Up to PG&E's Attack on Marriage!

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Replace PG&E With a Better Natural Gas Company

While Proposition 8 was recently upheld by the California Supreme Court, the opposition is already in the process of raising money to challenge this traditional marriage amendment in the next election.  Entities, like PG&E, gave over $250,000 in the last election to oppose Proposition 8.  And unless they know the outrage of their customers, they will most assuredly do it again. 

You can make a difference!  California law says you can switch from PG&E and choose an alternative provider of natural gas.  In addition, our alternative provider can save PG&E customers up to 10%+ off their annual natural gas bill.

Homes, businesses, schools, apartment owners, and churches no longer have to compromise their convictions and can quickly start saving more of their hard earned resources.  In order to easily make the switch and send a loud message to PG&E, simply read below and follow the instructions to switch to a trusted and reliable natural gas supplier.

"Seldom do consumers have the opportunity to send such a loud message to be heard by so many!  Stand up for marriage....stand down PG&E!"

Learn Why and How to Say NO to PG&E!

Residential Service:

Please visit our Residential Service page
 for an overview of the program and the files you will need to fill out and return in order to switch your account from PG&E.

Church or Business Service:

If you would like to receive a quote to learn how much you could expect to save, please visit our Church or Business Service page.



"Tiger Natural Gas is only the preferred supplier for this program and does not take a stance on this or any other political issue. By switching to Tiger you can rest assured that your money will not directly or indirectly go to supporting any political agenda."