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Residential and Commercial Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I didn’t know I could choose my natural gas provider. What exactly are my choices?
The natural gas market in your area has been deregulated, much like the telecommunications industry. This allows you the ability to select who you wish to purchase your natural gas from. An independent natural gas supplier such as our chosen provider (Tiger Natural Gas) is able to pool their customers’ usage and get a much better rate for their natural gas purchases. Since they are able to buy their gas at prices less than PG&E, they then pass those savings on to their customers and provide them with a cost savings over what PG&E would charge. There are no setup fees or connection fees and PG&E will not charge you additional transportation costs. However, PG&E still owns the pipelines that transmit and distribute the gas to your residence. Because of this, PG&E will still be charging you for the transmission and distribution of the gas to your residence. You will still receive a bill from your utility to provide the transportation of natural gas to your meter. The quality of the natural gas provided to you is the same high quality gas you would otherwise receive. The only changes that you will experience when you switch your service is on the bill PG&E sends you each month. You will be charged Tiger’s price for the natural gas that you use instead of PG&E’s price, and the money you pay for the gas will go to Tiger instead of PG&E.

Q: How does it work in most basic terms? Does PG&E switch its “input” from their natural gas supply to your “input” instead?
Basically, you switch to Tiger and continue using your gas as normal. Tiger will submit your account for enrollment into their pool of customers. Once your account is switched you will begin to be charged Tiger's price for the natural gas you use. You will never see any other change because it is an absolutely seamless process. PG&E will continue to read your meter and send Tiger the information on your usage. Tiger then simply puts the amount of gas you use into PG&E’s overall system.

Q: How is Tiger able to offer me a lower rate than PG&E?

A: Tiger has a network of small and large suppliers and some production that enables them to be very competitive within all the markets they operate. PG&E is allowed to build into their prices the cost of their infrastructure, bad debts and anything else the California Public Utilities Commission allows them. By switching to Tiger you get out from underneath these costs. Tiger is also a very flexible and adaptable company that can move quickly to capitalize on the best prices. Tiger’s motto is “fierce competitors.”  We are always looking to provide our best deal 24/7/365.

Q: How long has Tiger Natural Gas been in business?
Tiger was founded in 1991 and their employees have more than 333 years of collective experience in all areas of the natural gas business. This vast, in-depth knowledge allows Tiger to provide the highest level of service and support to their customers and has established their solid reputation through applying the basic principles of integrity, honesty and reliable customer service. Learn more by visiting www.TigerNaturalGas.com and by viewing
Tiger's report with the Better Business Bureau. In business since 1991, Tiger Natural Gas has more than 23,000 accounts nationwide without ever receiving one complaint. Tiger’s strong emphasis on maintaining superior customer service and customer relationships are key elements to our success and your satisfaction.

Q: How do you provide the natural gas to me?
As a Tiger Natural Gas customer, we will give the natural gas you buy from us directly to PG&E. You will still pay PG&E a small portion of your overall bill to transmit and distribute your portion of Tiger’s natural gas through their existing pipelines to your residence or facility. So you will still technically be a customer of PG&E, but since you get your natural gas from Tiger, you will receive natural gas for less money per year, and PG&E will pay Tiger for the gas since Tiger is supplying it. PG&E will not increase their transportation charges and the savings we offer you on the natural gas are exactly the savings you will receive.

Q: How do homeowners buy Tiger gas since they are continuing to pay PG&E?

A: If you switch your service to Tiger you will be buying the actual natural gas that you use from Tiger. PG&E will continue to distribute the gas to your residence but will not charge you any additional transportation charges. There is no way to get gas to your residence other than having PG&E transport it on their pipeline, so you cant get out from under that portion. Tiger will be billing through PG&E. So our customers will never see a change on their end except on their PG&E bill they will be paying Tiger cost of gas instead of PG&E’s. They will continue to pay by whatever means they have been paying and then PG&E will send Tiger the money you paid for your natural gas.

Q: If I’m continuing to use PG&E gas transmission lines and continue to receive a bill from PG&E, how is it I’m receiving Tiger Natural Gas?
When you fill out, sign, and submit your transfer forms to Tiger, Tiger will act as your representative and tell PG&E to remove you from PG&E’s pool of customers and to put you into Tiger’s pool at a lower annual average rate. All natural gas is the same and is “comingled" from several sources. Brought out of the ground by producers, the national gas is processed, purchased by buyers, piped to local distribution centers called “citygates,” and then piped the final distance to you as a ratepayer. So, in essence, you are not buying different gas from Tiger, you are buying your gas at a reduced rate. One hundred percent of the money you pay PG&E for your gas usage will, in turn, be paid by PG&E back to Tiger.

Q: Will Tiger be as reliable as PG&E?

A: Yes, the natural gas is transported to your meter through PG&E’s transportation and distribution system. You will still receive a bill from PG&E to provide the transportation of natural gas to your meter. The quality of the natural gas provided to you is the same high quality gas you would otherwise receive.

Q: What if I have an emergency?

A: If you have an emergency like a gas leak or a fire, you will still call PG&E and they will come out and service your pipelines and meters. Remember, you will still technically be a PG&E customer because you will pay them to distribute your natural gas to your residence or facility. PG&E will continue to respond to your safety calls, read your meter, offer appliance services and maintain the gas delivery system leading to you meter location. However, they cannot charge you more in an emergency or maintenance situation just because you are a Tiger customer. If you have a billing or customer service issue, please contact Tiger Natural Gas to be taken care of more quickly and effectively. 

Q: Once a customer faxes or mails you the transfer papers, how fast does the transfer happen and will there be any interruption in service?
residential customers takes approximately one month for PG&E to process. This estimate can vary depending on your meter reading schedule. Once your account has been switched, Tiger will notify you by phone or email. There will be no break in service, and you won’t otherwise notice the transfer when it happens. Interested commercial customers who request a cost-savings quote will be contacted by phone or email, as soon as possibile. 

Q: What are the risks involved with switching?

A: There is essentially no additional risk. Tiger has been in business since 1991. With more than 25,000 commercial accounts nationwide, they have never received a Better Business Bureau complaint. That is not the case with other energy marketers.Tiger is truly devoted to customer satisfaction and the company was founded on the principles of integrity, reliability and trust. They have survived and outlasted many others in the industry even when most had only been in business a fraction of the time. They will be here for a long time to come. Even in a worst-case scenario where Tiger cannot supply you with gas, your local utility company would begin to supply you again automatically. That is something that has never once happened in Their 18 years of business.

Q: Is there a chance that Tiger would cost me more overall than PG&E?
In some months there is a chance that Tiger could cost you more but that does not happen often. However, when you look at it on an annual basis Tiger has have never cost their customers more than the utility would have on a per Therm basis. The reason that Tiger’s price can sometimes be more than the utilities is because the utility actually lags behind where the current market price is. Historically, their prices on a monthly level are most always less than the utilities. But when natural gas prices rise unexpectedly and quickly in a matter of a few months, it can result in their price for a month being more than the utility’s price. This is because when they were buying their gas at the market’s current rates, the utility was still selling gas at rates below where the current market was. This is because they must set their monthly prices well in advance of when Tiger does and the market was not forecasted to rise so much or so quickly. This results in their prices continuing to rise as Tigers levels off or drops from their highs. That is why customers need to look at the savings on an annual basis.

Q: Is there any additional cost for being a Tiger Natural Gas customer?
Overall, you will save money buying your gas from Tiger instead of PG&E. For example, even if you only used an annual average of 30 Therms per month, you would save an estimated $22.26 annually as a Tiger customer. To provide you with this overall savings, Tiger buys your natural gas at a discount rate and provides it to PG&E to pipe into your home. Because there is a lag time of more than a month for Tiger to be paid for the gas we’ve purchased and provided to PG&E to then provide to you, in order to maintain a prudent cash flow, Tiger charges residential customers a very small fee of $1.50 per month, which will show up on your new bill. However, even with this small monthly fee, you will still save on an annual basis by being a Tiger Natural Gas customer.
Click here for saving estimates.

Q: How will you bill me for the natural gas we use?
If you are a Residential Tiger Customer you will continue to just receive your one PG&E bill. The only difference will be that instead of having PG&E’s cost for your natural gas on your bill you would have Tiger’s cost. Nothing will change from your perspective and you just pay once using any current method available to you from PG&E. There is a $1.50 per month customer fee included as well.  If you are a Commercial Tiger Customer you would be able to receive your bill exactly as the residential billing (including the $1.50 fee) or you could elect to begin to receive an invoice direct from Tiger for the actual natural gas that you used.

Q: What will my new bill look like?
PG&E will continue to send you your bill, but you will be paying lower annual per Therm prices, because Tiger’s discount rates are lower than PG&E’s rates on an annual basis. The only changes you will see on your bill are Tiger’s lower rate, as well as the $1.50 monthly fee. Again, even with this small fee, you will very likely save money annually with Tiger.
Click here for saving estimates.

Q: Is there a $1.50 fee for commercial and nonresidential customers?
No, if they elect to be billed directly by Tiger. Yes, if they elect to be billed through PG&E.

Q: Can I switch to Tiger if I rent or own a small living space?
Smaller customers – those who live in apartments, condos, townhouses, or small houses perhaps under 1200 square feet – that use around 15 Therms per month (averaged on an annual basis) will not experience either a lower or higher bill. If your monthly average is 10 Therms, you will probably see a very small net increase in cost – around $5 per year – when you switch from PG&E to Tiger. However, even with this small net increase for their smallest customers, Californians who believe in traditional marriage have told us they are happy and privileged to be Tiger customers, and they feel privileged to have you too. Each customer, no matter what size, is important to Tiger.

Q: How long is my agreement with Tiger Natural Gas? Is there a penalty if I change natural gas suppliers with a year’s time? How do I cancel?
The agreement is a minimum of 12 months. If you need to cancel the contract because you are moving or anything else you just need to give Tiger at least 30 days notice before your need to cancel the account. This is so they do not buy any gas for your account. If you leave without notification or before they can assure no loss will result from natural gas secured for your account, you would be liable for any loss they incurred because of the gas bought for your account. To notify Tiger you just need to call Tiger, but we recommend you send a certified letter to ensure that there are no loose ends regarding your need to cancel. Tiger is very flexible and wants their customers to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, they will work with you to find mutually acceptable terms to terminate the contract. With 30 days notice of cancellation, there will be no fees or penalties whatsoever should you leave Tiger to return to PG&E’s pool of customers. But they hope to give you good prices and service that you'll never want to leave.

Q: Does Tiger Natural Gas believe marriage is only for a man and a woman, and can you be trusted not to ever promote same-sex marriage?

A: Tiger does not have an official stand on the issue of marriage or California’s Proposition 8, and does not promote or support any organizations with a primarily political agenda. When you are a Tiger customer you can rest assured that your money will not go to supporting same-sex marriage.

Q: I rent an apartment but don’t pay a gas bill because it’s included with the rent. What can I do?
You can talk to your apartment complex owner or manager to encourage them to switch to Tiger Natural Gas. The cost savings alone should be sufficient motivation.

Q: Can I buy natural gas from Tiger for both my residence and my business?
Yes, you can. Click here for Residential Service and click here for Business/Church Service.

Q: Do you offer electricity service as well so I can replace PG&E completely?
No, that is not possible unless you “go off the grid” with 100% solar energy. The deregulated electricity program in California has been suspended and is not available to those who are not already buying their electricity from an alternative provider. However, Tiger plans to offer electricity services to its residential PG&E customers as soon as the program is back up and running. By being a Tiger residential natural gas customer, you will have the first available opportunity to switch your electricity service when that option is available.

> Homeowners and renters, make the switch to Tiger
Businesses, churches and organizations, make the switch to Tiger

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"Tiger Natural Gas is only the preferred supplier for this program and does not take a stance on this or any other political issue. By switching to Tiger you can rest assured that your money will not directly or indirectly go to supporting any political agenda."