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You can switch your natural gas supplier from PG&E to Tiger Natural Gas. It's seamless and easy.

Tiger Natural Gas, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has over 333 years of collective experience in all areas of the natural gas business. This vast, in-depth knowledge allows Tiger to provide the highest level of service and support to their customers and has established Tiger's solid reputation through applying the basic principles of integrity, honesty and reliable customer service.

Tiger Natural Gas can save your residence, business or organization up to 10%+ on your annual natural gas bill. If you are still buying your natural gas from PG&E you are paying more than you should be. Tiger offers a program that will provide you with more flexibility and superior customer service, all while simultaneously decreasing your costs and increasing your cash flow.

Homeowners and renters, make the switch to Tiger

> Businesses, churches and organizations, make the switch to Tiger

Tiger has over 13,000 satisfied customers in California and is thrilled about the prospect of becoming your supplier of choice. Tiger’s natural gas purchasing program offers:

> Discounted pricing for PG&E customers over PG&E rates 
> Industry leading customer service
> The ability to lock in a fixed price for your natural gas
> Free cost savings estimate
> No minimum monthly purchase requirement

TIGER NATURAL GAS TELLS US: "The natural gas market in California has been deregulated, much like the telecommunications industry. This allows you the ability to select who you wish to purchase your natural gas from. Tiger is able to pool our customer's usage and get a much better rate for our natural gas purchases. Since we are able to buy our gas at prices less than PG&E, we then pass those savings on to our customers and provide them with a cost savings over what PG&E would charge.

"For most Californians, we can save you up to 10%+ off your annual natural gas bill depending on your usage. However, PG&E still owns the pipelines that transmit and distribute the gas to your residence and because of this will still be charging you for the transmission and distribution of the gas to your residence. The only change that you will experience when you switch your service is that, on the bill PG&E sends you each month, you will be charged Tiger’s price for the natural gas that you use instead of PG&E’s, and the money that you pay for the gas will go to Tiger instead of PG&E.

"It only takes a few signatures from you to transfer your account from being supplied by PG&E to being supplied by Tiger. Additionally, you will incur no downtime and there are no additional risks involved with choosing Tiger to be your natural gas supplier. If you have an emergency or a pipeline problem you will still deal directly with PG&E and you will not be charged extra because you buy your natural gas from Tiger.

"However, if you have a problem with your billing or another customer service issue you can easily call your Tiger representative and be quickly taken care of because we are much more flexible and customer service oriented than a large utility company. In addition to the superior customer service, Tiger will also offer you the ability to lock in a fixed price at different times throughout the year. This will allow you to be able to budget and forecast your natural gas expenses."

Homeowners and renters, make the switch to Tiger
Businesses, churches and organizations, make the switch to Tiger

Learn more by visiting www.TigerNaturalGas.com and by viewing Tiger's report with the Better Business Bureau. In business since 1991, Tiger Natural Gas has more than 23,000 accounts nationwide without ever receiving one complaint. Tiger’s strong emphasis on maintaining superior customer service and customer relationships are key elements to our success and your satisfaction.

Tiger Natural Gas, Inc.
1422 East 71st Street, Suite J
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"Tiger Natural Gas is only the preferred supplier for this program and does not take a stance on this or any other political issue. By switching to Tiger you can rest assured that your money will not directly or indirectly go to supporting any political agenda."